Metal Detecting – Sand Scoops

My first sand scoop was made of plastic with a metal mesh screen to sift the sand. It worked fine in the dry sand but was practically worthless in the wet sand or in the water. It did not have a long handle on it, so I had to get down on one knee to scoop up my targets. Additional exercise is great, but you want to be able to find your targets as quickly as possible.

My second sand scoop was all metal and has about a three-foot handle on it. It is much sturdier and I can put my foot to it to dig in the wet sand.

I picked up another sand scoop, second-hand, but the angle of the handle is all wrong for what I want. It works well in dry sand but is angled so that you scoop back towards yourself. Trying to use your foot to dig is out of the question. I plan to have someone with welding skills to change the angle or cut the scoop off and fashion a new handle.

There are a variety of short and long handle scoops with different scoop sizes and shapes. You will want to get one that can dig, so find one with a pointed end. If you will be doing a lot of water hunting, you will want the widest scoop you can find in hopes of pulling your target in one scoop.

Here are a few tips to speed up your scooping.

If you are metal detecting in the wet sand and you find a target, scoop it up, re-check the hole, and if the target is no longer in the hole, take the sand from your scoop and slap it on the ground. Run your detector over the splatter of sand and narrow the target area. If the sand is very thick it may not go through your scoop and you will have to walk to the edge of the water and dip your scoop in to swish away the sand.

If you are hunting in the water, once you identify and pinpoint the target, put your toe at the back-end of your coil. Lift your detector up and scoop from where your toe is. Check the hole to see if your target is still there or in your scoop. If it is in your scoop, simply rinse away the sand to reveal your find.

Dry sand hunting is the easiest but has the most trash. Once you pinpoint your target, scoop it up and shake the sand out of your scoop revealing your treasure.

Metal detecting is all about numbers. The more targets you can dig, the more goodies you will find. You want to find your target and quickly get it out of the sand. A good sand scoop will definitely expedite this process and pay for itself in a very short time.

Source by Larry Westfall