Metal detecting gloves

Mechanix wear When metal detecting, i Always use gloves because you never know what you’ll find. It could be anything from coins to pieces of sharp glass. So, to protect your fingers and hands, use gloves. I Always liked the Mechanix wear gloves but these are pricey. I found a few sellers on Ebay that sell them […] Continue reading →

Cleaned Bren Magazines

brenmagazines-before I bought these rusty Brenmagazines a while ago and decided to clean them up a bit. The rust was too thick for oxalic acid so i used electrolysis instead. Both Bren magazines were in the electrolysis for about 14 hours on 12v and 2 ampères. They came out pretty nice.           […] Continue reading →

Discounter Plaza

I have been using for a while now and with succes but i wanted to try something with a .com domain. After some thinking i came up with which will hopefully at least be as succesful. I’m not making big bucks like most others who are into affiliate programs but it pays for […] Continue reading →