Cleaned Bren Magazines

brenmagazines-before I bought these rusty Brenmagazines a while ago and decided to clean them up a bit. The rust was too thick for oxalic acid so i used electrolysis instead. Both Bren magazines were in the electrolysis for about 14 hours on 12v and 2 ampères. They came out pretty nice.           […] Continue reading →

Discounter Plaza

I have been using for a while now and with succes but i wanted to try something with a .com domain. After some thinking i came up with which will hopefully at least be as succesful. I’m not making big bucks like most others who are into affiliate programs but it pays for […] Continue reading →

Effective Vbulletin antispam

vbulletin Everybody who runs forums has them, spammers. The bots can be blocked but there are also pathetic people who register and spam away on your forums. To prevent most of the spammers and registration bots, there are a few mods that can be installed. My top 3 that can be used together: Fassim Anti Spam […] Continue reading →

XP Deus Gold prospecting

deus__67469_zoom XP DEUS Gold prospecting The detector for native gold. XP Deus Gold prospecting is a version created for the search of native gold in Africa. This detector is specially adapted to al metals gold panning. The interface and the settings are very simplified compared to the XP DEUS detector V2.0, it retains only the useful […] Continue reading →