Before the frost

Before it started freezing, i had a chance to go on a new field for me.
I already had permission for it last year but never managed to go.
I talked to the farmer again to make sure and he said that if i find the pot with gold, i should call him so he could come over with his tractor and load everything in, lol.
It's a small field and i wasn't expecting much but i did find some neat finds 😀
Some of the coins were lying on the surface. The first day: Musketsballs, couple of bullets, coins (1800's) and the star is a pin of a anniversarymarch, 1935.
The second day, i got to use the big coil for the Deus.
That is sure something to get used to but so far, i like it.
I don't seem to notice any difference in depth yet but then again, you'll need targets to actually be deeper too.
It's like saying the detector sucks because you don't find anything, but to find anything, there has to be something there.
What do we have: Coins (1800's), musketball, pigeonring, nosering bull/cow, thimble(is that correct english)? and, a broken piece of a silver coin, 1600's.
It was getting late, and i wanted to do a quick search on another field of the farmer.
I knew people are searching there because people walking by told me it's a popular field.
Apparantly, i'm the only idiot who tries to find the owner of the field and ask permission.
On the field i saw unfilled holes with scrap in them, i could even see where they placed the shovel.
That makes me want to catch them and have a good talk. I have permission and the farmer knows i fill the holes i dig and if he sees the holes those %$^$^% make, he might think i did that.
Anyways, i didn't find much there but scrap, as i expected.