Hunting in the 100 shrapnelforest

Lately, i've been searching in a forest i call the '100 shrapnelforest' now because that's all i seem to find, lol.
The first time i searched there, i got a nice No.117 fuze, first time i found one intact.
That seemed promising.
This is how i dug it up:

I also found a couple of coins from the 50's. apparently, Captain America has also been there, lol.

The next day, i found a bit less but i wasn't surprised because a part of the forest has been cut down for farming.
I am surprised that i don't seem to find anything else but fragments.
Maybe someone beat me to it, i don't know.
But hey, i'm having fun nonetheless.
Also found a neat musket ball.
The casing in the picture is German WW2.

Why i search there? There were lots of germans in that area, the british and canadian forces used mortars and artillery to thin them out.
Sure there must be something left to find there?
The No.117 fuze after cleaning: